At Movo, we believe that businesses have a key role to play in influencing behavioral changes and that sustainability represents a unique opportunity to respond to current and future challenges. One step after another, business after business, we can change the World. With Movo, you will 'future-proof' your organization.

Who we are

Movo is a consulting firm with expertise in designing strategic action plans that lead to a sustainable transformation. We are a one-stop shop that can address all aspects of an impact-driven strategy combining environmental, societal, and economical ambitions.

We can leverage on a strong network of partners and can offer solutions that are optimized for your specific needs.

About us
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What we do

By fostering responsibility, we guide organizations in their strategic transformation with authenticity and transparency towards a purpose-driven business model, inclusive and fair for all their stakeholders. Our methodology is modular and adjustable to your needs; our approach combines advising best practices and co-creating solutions specific to your organization.

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